Lora Freeman Williams is a 40-something writer and coach to writers and women in business, based in Boulder, Colorado and mother to Isaac, who was born in 2006.

Personally, Lora has walked the wilderness path and discovered the raw and terrifying beauty of it.  Her own single-parent mother, Mimi, was paranoid schizophrenic at the time of Lora's birth and descended into worsening mental illness throughout the early years of Lora's life.  By the time of Isaac's birth, Lora had wrestled with her own demons of finding the meaning, hope and healing in her own life, but she also found that her son's birth re-opened some wounds, gave her surprising compassion for her mother's struggles as a parent, and galvanized her commitment to healing for the sake of the legacy to Isaac. This book began from her own need to chart this remarkable time in life.

She married John Williams in 2010 and is now exploring the more civilized spaces of married life.

Professionally, Lora has focused her work and writing on spirituality and healing.  She currently writes and works with writers and as a coach to other women seeking fulfillment and balance from their business and personal lives. For more information, check out her coaching website at www.lorafreemanwilliams.com.

She has also contributed to The Zen of Midlife Mothering by Cyma Shapiro (link to purchase) and is a regular contributor to Mothering in the Middle: A blog for new midlife mothers and fathers

Lora Freeman Williams, 2014

Professional Training and Experience

Lora has a bachelor's degree in English/Communications and has written professionally since 1987; she is a certified life coach, a certified mediator through The Center for Conflict Resolution (Chicago) and trained in Sandler Communications Systems. She is an experienced and skillful facilitator for speaking engagements, workshop conduction, and teaching. Her professional career has been fueled by her passions for writing, for sharing tools for others to become successful and healthy writers, business professionals and increasingly healthy and happy humans. She is particularly interested in helping women to navigate the personal and cultural factors that keep them from their full potential and creating transformational change in individuals and the systems in which they live and work.