In the wildernesses of life, we encounter raw beauty, overwhelming forces of nature, a retreat from civilization’s comforts and social connections, and the edges of our own limitations.  In The Wilderness of Motherhood:  A Memoir of Hope and Healing, we enter the wilderness experience of early motherhood with Lora Freeman Williams, who shares with us the lush, sensual landscape, the raw pain and the adventure of single parenting her son, Isaac. 

From the pangs of birth to the opiate rush of bonding with a newborn; from the agony of chronic sleep deprivation to the sweet touch of a baby’s hand; from the depths of her own potential for rage to the heights of her own capacity to love, Lora takes us on a journey through the unchartered territory parents must discover for themselves:  the human heart and mind at their limits.  Parenthood cracks us open by the seismic force of a child’s entry into our lives.  All the habits and structures we build prior to parenthood are flattened by a tiny being’s heavy demands.   In the midst of the destruction, though, is the exquisite beauty of love and the opportunity it provides to transform ourselves through that adventure, if we’re willing.  

This book is an ideal gift to new - and old - parents alike.  They will resonate from their own struggles and flashes of perspective and insight that only the wilderness of parenting can provide.


What Others Are Saying about The Wilderness of Motherhood

No one navigates the terrain of parenthood better than Lora Freeman.  She opens up the territory of motherhood so even guys can understand it. If you are a parent, you will completely identify with what she says.  Lora writes with clarity, compassion and understanding--so much so that she reminds us that one of the most demanding and rewarding occupations for a human being is being a parent.
 -- The Rev. Robert V. Thompson, Author of A Voluptuous God 

The Wilderness of Motherhood is a page-turner from beginning to end, weaving us through a journey of intrigue, adventure, and transformation.  Drawing on the power of love and truth, author Lora Freeman Williams courageously unveils the story of her life in vivid detail—growing up as an only child with an abusive, schizophrenic single mother, then later awakening to her own healing journey, and finally facing the wilderness of single-motherhood herself.  Through her compassion, understanding, patience, self-reflection, and personal and spiritual healing, Williams demonstrates how she is transforming the dysfunctional chains of her mother-line, and provides an inspiring new story of mothering for herself and her son Isaac.   

The Rev. CynthiaBrix, co-author of Women Healing Women: A Model of Hope for Oppressed Women Everywhere; and contributing author of Divine Duality: The Power of Reconciliation Between Women and Men.